Customers Sue The Ring For The Weak Security Of Its Devices

Several users sued the Amazon Ring since the former were at the receiving end of various racial abuse and death threats through the device. The notorious activity was carried out by some hackers, who abused the users through the home cameras.

As many as 30 users have registered the case against the company for the weak security of the Ring devices

In the complaint, users blamed the company for its fragile security that allowed cyber crooks to break into its devices easily. However, the California based company retaliated by saying that the breach in the security was due to the weak passwords used by the users. 

The shocking incident came into notice when a hacker hacked the camera installed in an eight years old girl’s room by her parents. The hacker claimed to be Santa Claus and played uneasy music through the speaker. The hacker then taunted the child and asked her if they could be friends. He/she even went ahead and prompted the child to break her television set.

Owned by, Ring is a start-up dealing with home tech gadgets such as security cameras and smart doorbells. The company got severe criticisms from many individuals for pressurizing its customers to use stronger passwords and to leverage techniques like two-component authentication.  

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