Crypto Miner Builds Mining Rig in his BMW to “Annoy Gamers”

Mining rigs are computer systems used for cryptocurrency mining. Normally, an 8 GB graphics card is enough for building one. However, Ethereum miner Simon Byrne has stuffed 6 pieces of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 – a second generation 10 GB graphics card in his crypto mining rig only to annoy gamers.

Byrne owns a BMW i8 hybrid sports car and has installed this system in its boot. He has built the crypto mining rig using an ASUS B250 Mining Expert board and an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600 T2 power supply.

It’s quite a fancy and expensive setup. However, it turns out to be surprisingly risky and inefficient because his trunk has to remain open for the rig to work. Surely, it helps in crypto mining while he’s travelling but you can’t deny regarding the risk involved here.

To top it all, he already does have another rig at home which has an additional 78 units of these cards. This mining rig generates $128,088 and 200,000 gallons of gamer tears annually.

The reason why this has been annoying gamers is that RTX 3080 is high in demand but is currently difficult to get. What amuses gamers the most is how Byrne got to purchase almost 100 units of these cards that he doesn’t even use for gaming.

Seems like the rich crypto miner is enjoying the pleasure of having something gamers are desperately searching for.

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