Content is more accessible on Snapchat now : You can even share your content off the App

Do you love using video-making apps with funny filters? If yes, then you must have heard of Snapchat or having an account on the App. Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets its users share pictures and videos (snaps) on the same platform. 

The photos and videos can be filtered using numbers of fun filters and meant to stay for since people view it.

It regularly adds updates and features to attract new users. In 2018 it allowed its users to share limited stories off the application. This March it gave one more facility to users to share their Snapchat stories on other apps. 

And this time reports are saying Snapchat will now expand its features even more and will allow the users to share content off the App- Yes you heard it right! Now you can freely share your Snapchat videos on other platforms just like earlier you were doing with Tiktok.

Initially, this will facilitate some users in earlier next month, and as per the App, it will be available for everyone later in the year.

As per recent reports by Axios, Snapchat is testing the feature with limited users profiles, and if it is a success, then we also can share content off the platform anywhere we want.

Till now Snapchat was allowing users to create 60 seconds of videos with a fun filter (both image and voice change) and post it to the Snapchat feed or to share with the friend list who are also using the App. 

It seems like Snapchat is adopting the changes needed by the time – maybe lately, but it’s better late than never. Earlier last month, Snapchat shared that they are planning to add music to their stories – that exactly sounds like the feature of Tiktok. Before that, it has implemented the functionality to add 30 people into the group, which seems similar to the Messenger applications feature.

Now as it has planned to add the feature of sharing contents beyond its platform, We must say- Snapchat is rapidly adopting and implementing the latest trends, and it feels like the App is not in a mood to stay behind in any term.

This feature will be a success point for the App because now non-snap users can also see the shared content via other platforms and email. This will lead to landing them on the App, and they may end up creating one account of their own. This way, Snapchat will be more popular with an increased number of users.

Yes, Snap is a bit late in implementing the features. Still, as said earlier, it’s better late than never – and as the user of Snapchat we already love its features. We recommend using the App once if you have not tried yet.

So this is even the perfect time for Snapchat to come up with many more features as India has already banned Tiktok and it may not complete this year in the U.S. – Snapchat can take the advantage and drive loyal users to its platform.

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