Chromebook May Get An OS Upgrade To Increase Virtual Desks

Chromebooks may get a massive upgrade to increase the number of virtual desks. Currently, Chromebook offers a maximum of 4 virtual desks, and increasing this will help users amplify their productivity immensely. 

The new upgrade for Chromebook may allow users to have more than four virtual desks 

The new Google Chrome upgrade (with Ahmed Fakry being the main developer) is still in its prototype phase. It may allow users to have an additional 4 desks and boost the power of desks to a great extent. Increasing the total number of virtual desks to eight can help solve the issue of limited (4) virtual desks that users have been facing regarding its functionality.

There is also a discussion that there might even be a scrolling mechanism for the overview bar of the virtual desks. So there might be chances of users having access to more than 8 virtual desks in the future. The number can even go up to 16 if all goes well. If the feature provides users with more options to organize their virtual desk setups, it will be a huge win. The upgrade may be available in only a few Chrome OS versions initially and may take some time before they are present in many new Chromebooks.

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