Chinese Social Media Company Exposes Millions of Public Profiles Online

Adding to the threat that Internet is serving to its audience today, in a recent event it is reported that more than 400GB of data from a both public and private profiles data have been exposed which comes from around 214 million users of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other social medias. The users are from all around the world and this threat to privacy has been now put into light to the people on the internet.

This humongous data leak of so many profiles online is said to occur due misconfiguration in which the social-media management company in China that goes by the name of SocialArks is said to be involved.

It was found that the server had been publicly exposed publicly and that too without any sort of password protection. Even there was no sort of encryption as such even during IP-address checks that takes place on routine. Due to the data leak that happened because of misconfiguration, it had put more than 318 million profiles information out there in the public.

While some people might say that data-scraping is not illegal but to everyone’s knowledge, data-scraping is actually against the laid down terms and conditions of all large social media hubs. Having such mistakes being made eases the task for the profiles to be attacked online.

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