Build your own mood melody with Google’s Magenta Lo-fi music

More than half the generation of people love listening to music and wish to create it according to their beats but for many, it becomes impossible to join learning classes for any such creations. Well, now no such music training is necessary, you can play your own quarantine music according to your mood. Thanks to Google’s AI.

Get ready for some fun!

Google Magenta group has made full use of AI instruments and invented a model that assists you to create your own melodies along with the devices that will guide you with outlining cats.

Vibert Thio, a technologist, and an artist structured a Lo-fi player that allows clients to tinker around with objects in an implied space to whisk their own lo-fi hip-hop soundtracks. It is a Google Magenta program, created by a trainer that shows a pixelated drawing of a room in 2-dimensional on a different browser tab of internet explorer, chrome, and more. You just need to tap on different objects like a guitar; piano or clock and you can choose your base, chords, or drum accordingly.

You can share the room with others or can sit back alone, listen, and enjoy the view from the window.   

Easy-peasy Customisation

Source: Google Magenta

Ever tried listening to Lo-fi music with hip hop streams while working? Explore the fun of mingling music in an artistic way. Both visual and music can be changed just by clicking on the window shown in the 2-D video. It’s the simplest music structure you will ever get. Two AI models work at the back of the sight, one is concealed in the radio – MelodyRNN for producing new songs, and the other is in the TV which represents MusicVAE for melody interpolation.  

Not AI but for the majority of sounds, Thio has worked with the lo-fi team to mend the bass lines, drum lines and create the feel that encapsulates the class and sounds incredible. Accordingly, he composed four tune choices- Chill, dense, sad, and moody that clients can flip through.

Wanna share your room? YouTube Interactive steaming is just for you!

The lo-fi music can also be engrossed on YouTube through an interactive YouTube stream where clients can typically share the same music room together. The difference is just that instead of clicking on elements in the room, the players need to type commands in the live chat window for rearranging tracks.

Source: Google Magenta

According to Thio, lo-fi music is a prototype with an interactive piece of music to admire art even more.

You can create your own virtual music room over here.

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