Skill yourself up with free machine learning app: Microsoft Lobe

Machine learning, which is an application of Artificial Intelligence, is becoming the most in-demand for today’s generation. All the new technologies or inventions that are coming up in our day to day lives are fully based on the system of AI. This increment in AI-based technologies has led to an elevation in the job requirements of machine learning and related career fields.

As the career has become more AI-oriented so the people are deviating their interests towards machine learning. This has led Microsoft to come up with such an application that can help people out to have deep learning about this field.

The journey to the Lobe

Earlier in the year 2018, Microsoft introduced an asset of Lobe, which is a machine learning made-easy company that put forward a smooth visual interface letting people create intelligent applications in a go. The apps could read the handwriting, hear music, and understand hand gestures, and many more things without the use of any code. After 2 years of procurement, Microsoft has officially launched the public preview of Lobe. Today, Microsoft offers the world with this astonishing app called Lobe that has made the learning of AI models a piece of cake for anyone with zero use of technical skills or code.

A dive in this striking app

The app is based on open-source machine learning architectures which are transferred further to give guidance to custom machine learning models on the machine that users are possessing. Today’s Lobe version deals with image classification just by looking at images, thereby, categorizes an image into a sole label overall.

The best thing about Lobe is that you don’t need to have an internet connection or logins to access this application. Both the windows and mac users can enjoy the benefit of machine learning just through desktop access.

This is not the end; Microsoft is also planning to expand to sort out more data problems in upcoming versions. For now, Lobe will only reflect the machine learning models.

Netflix shakes hand with Microsoft

Besides this, Microsoft has launched 3 new modules that mentor learners about the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data science through the beginning.  Microsoft got inspired by the new Netflix original “Over the Moon” and has decided to come up with a new machine learning model in which the user will use data to plan the mission to the moon and back with moon rocks, totally based on analyzing and visualizing of data through data cleansing practices.

The movie” Over the moon” is about a young hero Fei Fei who builds her own space rocket and uses her ability to reach the moon. This blend of the storyline and Artificial Intelligence will give up a way to learn more for skilled professionals. This surely will be requiring some coding but once in a flow, will not need further.

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