Bring Back Prehistoric Animals to Your Life with Augmented Reality Technology: Credit goes to Google Arts and Culture

Have you ever thought of how ancient animals look? Many of us may have seen them via pictures, movies, documentaries  but never witnessed them in reality. 

Now Google has recreated those prehistoric animals with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) and you can enjoy them via your smartphone at your place without doing much.

Google has a service called Arts and Culture app that has AR features to fulfill your desire to meet the prehistoric animals like Cambropachycope, Dinosaur, ancient underwater flying birds at your place. Enjoy watching them roaming around every corner of your house- that’s the magic of Augmented Reality.

Google has always stood ahead of others in 3D modelling that can view and manipulate in the real world using AR based smartphones. With the latest update from Google’s AR offering – enjoy a fascinating part of the history that is absolutely dreadful- imagine the creature crawling on your study table and staring at you like a creature from another planet.

Google Arts and Culture in association with institutions like London’s Natural History Museum and Moscow’s State Darwin Museum  brought prehistoric animals back to digital life. 

Thousands of years ago ancient animals like the oldest lager filter feeder, a fish that swims dead slowly or the largest animal ever to live on earth-dinosaur who were roaming free on our earth, witnessing them has become a dream now. 

Thanks to Augmented Reality; now we can witness them digitally via Google’s recreation along with the experienced AR team. Best thing is that you can reposition and resize those objects as per your wish.

Not just this, Google has additionally reproduced an assortment of unusual cultural artifacts for you that can be enjoyed via AR technology. Augmented Reality allows you to project 3D models into real life via your smartphone. 

Now you can meet some of the unusual inhabitants of prehistoric time like the duck-billed dinosaur that walked on its hind leg somewhere around 72 million years ago or the giant bird that used to fly under water in the 19th century. Go back to the very beginning and experience how it was at that time.

Google has shared the news via its blog that you can also meet the pre-Inca “smiling God” Lanzon from circa 500 BCE, or even can witness the Apollo 11 command module in your backyard. Decorate your space with digital self portraits of Frida kahlo’s numbers of paintings to give it an astonishing look.

The Google Arts and Culture app is absolutely free of cost and you can download it from iOS or Google play store to enjoy a whole new world of Virtual Reality. 

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