Blackpool will now be internet centric: Fibre cable installation under process

Internet, a global network formation through loads of computers and other electronic devices, is becoming the chief and focal source for doing many business promotions or marketing these days. With the use of Internet you can access almost everything involving libraries, news blogs, encyclopedias, art galleries and many more. From advertising to communicating, internet has become the supreme part of people’s life. Today, especially during this time of pandemic every other organization is making its space on the internet for their brandings, advertising and everything else they could do to elevate their businesses. People has become so much dependent on internet that nobody can even think their lives without internet as this is the best and foremost source to earn and grow without even rolling a sweat. With growing technology and reliability on Internet, the world of telecommunication is also changing at a rapid speed, and with constant change of everything, the huge demand of secure, flexible and resilient internet connectivity is becoming a necessity.

Imagine the life of people who are not able to get access to Internet especially during these pandemic times! One such area was going through the same pain of not getting the blaze of internet, Blackpool.

After months of patience and stand by, it has been finally decided to lay out a fibre optic cable from New York to New Jersey, then across the Atlantic Ocean heading to the west of Northern Ireland and Dublin. The cable spans are of multi million pound which will form the part of the Northern Atlantic loop and will be reflecting one third of world’s internet connectivity.

In excitement for this, many business and civic leaders piled up at the back of the tram station at Starr Gate to have a glance of the fibre optic cable landing on Blackpool beach, brought up by boat at around 2:30pm, for connecting it to the existing underground networks under the sand dunes towards the Enterprise Zone. The process of installing will start from tomorrow. Further, the path of the cable will go till Newcastle and then Denmark, and finally back to New York.

As compared to many other existing UK cables laid around 15 to 20 years ago, this Blackpool fibre connection is faster. For the benefit of Blackpool, a 30 year investment is made which is a blend of shortest direct route to USA and advanced technologies with engineering.

This can be taken as a huge opportunity by people of many sectors including financial, educational or retaining. Even the MPs of Blackpool are so excited about this project and delighted to be a part of this.

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