Bing Increases Languages in Its Intelligent Question-Answering Search Feature

Source: Bing

The Microsoft Bing team has made known its latest decision to make adjustments to the intelligent question-answering search feature. In 2019, about 12 languages which included, German and French, were added to the feature. However, Bing has recently announced that using machine learning and artificial intelligence, they have successfully increased the languages in the intelligent question answering feature to over a 100 hundred languages and pans across about two-hundred regions in the world. 

The team also mentioned that this was achievable by using a “language agnostic approach.” The implication of this approach according to Bing is that the same AI model that provides the intelligent question-answer search results in Urdu is the same that does the same in Romanian.

This, without saying, is a highly beneficial innovation. Prior to the latest upgrade, the feature was limited to just the English Language. However, now, you can go on Bing and get search results in your own language.

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