Best VR headsets at Same price 2021: Oculus Quest vs PSVR

The Oculus Quest and PSVR are two mainstream VR headsets launched to explore the gaming experience on an entirely different level. The New Oculus Quest manifolds awesome experiences with superb graphics and unparalleled matches. The Playstation VR provides extraordinary gaming facilities, powered by a PlayStation console. 

Escalate your gaming experience with the latest Oculus Quest next-level hardware and easy setup. Powered by Facebook, the new Quest 2 comprises a superfast processor with PC-VR compatibility and next-generation graphics. With the advanced processing power and 6GB RAM Qualcomm snapdragon processor XR2, the gaming performance is smoother than ever.

While there is no difference in the price range for both the products, Sony’s Playstation VR headset is corrival of the latest Quest. With backward compatibility, and game boosting performance, the PSVR now supports connection to your PS5 console.

Display features

In terms of display and overall glimpse, the Quest 2 has a much higher resolution of 1832*1920 per eye. You can connect the Oculus mobile app with Oculus combined pass through and Guardian for easy setup, clear focus on target whether in idle or in moving position. The Quest 2 is a standalone VR headset with the compatibility of playing the latest games on any platform.

The camera features of Playstation VR are considerably a counter to Quest. With dual sensors and the ability to track the position of the headset, PSVR offers DUALSHOCK 4 camera with moving controllers, a Custom OLED screen, and 120fps visuals to discover compactness in your games.

Performance and battery capacity

The Playstation VR headsets have excellent gaming performance with 360-degree vision and stunning visuals. Designed for long play sessions with a seamless field for rotations and incredible audio features. On the other hand, the Oculus Quest is designed for arcade-style gaming, short intervals with redesigned controls and extraordinary features.

Powered by a snapdragon internal processor, Oculus Quest gives All one experience to users. With a wireless connection, you need not connect the headset with any cable except for charging. Headset casting feature in Quest 2 enables direct casting with compatible TV or computer, which allows the users to enhance their gaming experience, cinematic sound with built-in visuals.


Talking about the user-friendly experiences and efficiency, the Playstation VR has a halo strap headband design, offering full comfort to its users. However, Oculus quest is unable to meet the comfort level. VR play sessions on the quest are usually 2 to 2.5 hours, but for longer sessions, it is not as convenient as PSVR.

Tracking players sometimes raises an issue in Playstation VR. A Lot of users have experienced in-hand games stuttering slightly. Oculus quest didn’t have any glitch, giving an enjoyable experience with 360 movements and flexible rotations.

Elite strap with interchangeable facial interfaces, Quest VR headsets can set depending upon narrower or widening face shapes. However, the technology used by Sony for designing PSVR is quite old school. So unless you are looking for a drop in price or spending your money on extra hardware, Quest VR headsets are a smart choice.

Unleashing the power of VR headsets

Oculus Quest is in demand due to its extraordinary features and wireless experience. Along with VR headsets, the package includes two touch controllers, a charging cable, Two AA batteries, a power adapter, and a glass spacer. The PlayStation VR has an advanced precision tracking system with nine LEDs placed overall headsets which are tracked by PlayStation camera, ensuring pinpoint accuracy in the game world.

Playstation VR has some huge benefits including superior speed with a lot of compatible games and high-quality adventure gaming like star wars, Minicraft, etc. The Quest however announced to launch the latest games exclusive for their users, with more advanced features and hopefully a better experience than ever. Available in two storage capacities of 64GB and 256 GB, the Quest VR headset is on amazon as well as other e-Commerce sites, continuously going out of stock with more purchases periodically.

The dual analog and button placements in Quest are exceptionally amazing, providing the best user experience. Playstation VR however is not up to the limit but with a wide range of indie games and exclusive prolific features it is perfect without an inch of a hindrance, PSVR is quite better than Quest VR headsets in terms of exclusive VR library.

Privacy considerations

While the Quest VR headset is completely immersed with up-to-date technologies, there is some displeasure regarding the privacy policies. Quest owner facebook’s decision to have mandatory Facebook accounts in order to use their VR headset is quite concerning. If you are already a frequent facebook sure, this is definitely for you. However, it has potential risks to non facebook users.

PSVR users need not worry about their privacy. Sony is undoubtedly best for HD resolutions and best display experiences. But if there is a choice to buy a VR headset at the same price, then we recommend you to choose Quest 2 is always an option. 

Why is Oculus better than PSVR?

While Playstation VR is fully advanced, it is not the latest technology. The Quest seems to be an outright winner in terms of portability. The VR headset released by Playstation is valueless without Playstation consoles. If you don’t have the latest PlayStation console or camera function, you need to own it to use your Playstation VR headsets. While Oculus Quest is a complete standalone, with easy switching and tethering in seconds. 

Quest is released with the latest hardware and easy-to-use features. The PlayStation VR has a wired connection and requires external hardware, which is sold separately. According to comparison and cost factors, Quest 2 is significantly cheaper with additional features than Playstation VR. Well, there is no doubt Quest is a smarter choice, but it comes down to the user’s experience, and with great controls and a wide range of accessories offered with Quest seems quite perfect.

Main Points to Keep in View

Make every shot count, by experiencing the technology with precision select the best VR headsets. One of the main reasons to compare the Oculus Quest and Playstation VR is the same price and top streaming features.

The vast difference between Oculus Quest and Playstation VR is that Quest is easily portable. You can take it anywhere, anytime without wired connections, and definitely, it has the advantage of not tripping due to your long wired cables. But if you own a high-end gaming laptop or computer, then Playstation VR is certainly a good choice for you.

The PlayStation VR has a premium collection of games for their users, which are not available on Quest. The users are required to login to their Facebook account for Quest headsets, which gives a hint of disappointment to the users of course.

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