Benefits of AI in Agriculture

To understand the Benefits of AI in Agriculture, let us understand the demand and transformation in the field of agriculture with the help of AI-enabled technologies. Artificial intelligence-based equipment has helped push the growth in agricultural activities to a wide extent. AI based technologies and applications help in the production of crops, predictions of climatic changes are easily done.

According to the latest reports, AI-based agriculture can impact up to 70 million farmers by the year 2020. Along with the phenomenal impact of AI all over the world, the global market for AI in agriculture is also expected to reach 1.1billion USD by the year 2025. AI-based equipment helps in harvesting and soil analysis to predict the best results and solutions to avoid any kind of damage.

AI positively impacts agriculture giving rise to many opportunities for the cultivation of crops in an efficient way, with affordable and low maintenance budgets.It is stated that 50 percent more food supplies are required by the year 2025 out of which only 4 percent is additionally added. AI-based technologies can help us achieve the target and improve the quality of crops which becomes a win-win situation for farmers and trading services.

AI-based Robots

Many companies are manufacturing autonomous robots which save time and perform agricultural activities such as crop harvesting in a much faster and smarter way than humans. AI scientists are implementing agricultural techniques and robotics to invent applications to find efficient ways to remove weeds and destruction of pests. 

One of the best developments is Harvest CROO Robotics. The CROO robots were designed and developed to help the farmers to pick strawberries and pack them especially in the regions with less population and more cultivating land. Florida is known as the ‘winter strawberry capital’ with almost 10,000 to 11,000 acres of land dedicated to strawberry cultivation. But due to the lack of farmers and increasing losses faced by mankind, the CROO robots were launched.

Soil Analysis

With the increase in global warming, the quality of soil is wrecked. Agricultural lands are turning Barren. To overcome these problems faced by the farmer, German-based tech scientists have launched PEAT technology which monitors the quality of the soil by predicting the requirement using deep learning applications. The nutritional deficiencies and condition of the plants are also detected by using this startup system.

The application helps in providing tips and effective methods to restore and maintain the quality of the soil. The drone clicks pictures and based on the images a detailed report on soil quality is obtained.

Trace Genomics is a California-based application based on deep learning and AI which helps in predicting the soil quality and gives the contributing factor which can help in predicting the type of crops to be grown.

Crop prediction and Analysis

Crop health depends on many contributing factors including the temperature rise, weather conditions, rain, irrigation facilities, and pesticides. These are all-natural factors and to maintain the stability of the crop, the right prediction is necessary. Traditionally farmers were unaware of the necessary steps and would face a huge loss. But with the implementation of deep learning techniques and AI-based applications, the crops are easily analyzed and monitored.

With the help of AI-based crop analysis, farmers and researchers can easily detect defective crops and give a boost to healthy crop production. Many destructions are noticed due to spraying pests which can be avoided to limit the number of pesticides in crops through AI-based techniques.

Climatic condition Detection

Weather forecasting allows the farmers to understand and adopt various measures to protect their crops.AI based weather forecasting helps in the right prediction of the climate with regular monitoring. With the right analysis, the farmers can increase their profit level without taking risks of running or wrecking the crop due to any natural calamities.

Extreme weather conditions can ruin the crops. To avoid this the scientists are using deep learning, a branch of machine learning to detect the weather conditions, temperature and detect the right patterns. Deep learning does not require human-defined algorithms to run or give the corresponding output. Instead, it has its own set of rules and predicts thousands of solutions based on the user’s query.

AI Chatbots

Chatbots are designed to simulate a conversation between machines and humans using Natural processing Language.

The Chatbots provide detailed information about crop health control policies. AI-based chatbots are designed to interact with the users and farmers interactively. The machine learning techniques used for developing chatbots enable the farmers to understand the instructions given for analysis and improve the efficiency in farming. The chatbots provide solutions to farmers’ problems by analyzing their problems and act as a virtual assistant to take care of the crops in a more sustainable way.

Pest infestations

Excessive use of pesticides destroys the crops. While limited use is necessary for good harvesting, pests are dangerous for human consumption and act as a hazardous product in agricultural activities. There are many AI-based technologies used for detecting crop-destroying pests like locusts, grasshoppers, etc.

The AI scientist and newest innovation have developed pests detection scheme through which the farmers can get an alert on their smartphones and can take instant preventive measures to remove them from the field. With this approach, the crops are more likely to be fresh and remain unharmed.

AI helps in maintaining every sector and is one of the rapidly developing technologies in the field of science producing more accurate results. Agriculture and AI go hand in hand. Development in the urban sector, as well as rapid growth in population, gave rise to the AI technology-based machines and softwares for enhanced results in the public as well as private sector. Accurate and on demand-supply predicts the right information and improves efficiency.

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