Artificial Intelligence Powered Microscope To Test Tumors Quickly

Researchers from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Rice University have unveiled a microscope that is powered by artificial intelligence. The microscope has the ability to check cancer margins within a few minutes of cutting them out. It can examine relatively bigger tissue sections to determine whether all the cancer cells are removed from the body by the surgeon. The microscope is believed to have the potential to determine this during the surgery itself in an inexpensive manner.

The microscope that is powered by artificial intelligence trains the computer algorithm using deep learning

The name of the microscope is DeepDOF or deep learning extended depth-of-field microscope and is designed to image large tissue pieces with cellular resolution. It, thus, enables surgeons to inspect the tumor margins soon after cutting them out. The AI-powered microscope optimizes collection of images and it’s post-processing with the help of deep learning.

Usually, a typical optical microscope requires the samples to be extremely thin, else the object becomes blurry. This condition calls for the removed tissue to be frozen and cut into razor-thin slices. Not only does this demand costly equipment but also ample time.

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