Artificial Intelligence on its way: Trail your liveliness with Anti-Procrastination smart glasses

As it is clearly said by Sabine Hauert “Robots are not going to replace humans, they are going to make their jobs much more humane..”  Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence where even the procrastination can be weaned off!

Want to know how?

Let’s talk about this latest technology that is covering the space of the market news these days- Smart Glasses. Users can now control their working hours without getting distracted..Thanks to Auctify.  The startup that has introduced the world with a pair of glasses which carries a camera and a model that identifies whatever it is aimed at whether it’s a laptop, a book, or any person. The glasses- called “Specs” use biosensors and computer vision software that trigger you to pay attention in case you are distracted.

Fadeaway your procrastination issues

Auctify says that these smart glasses have come with supplementary desktop and mobile apps through which you can customize new experiences by setting up goals or objectives by yourself. For Instance, if you want to focus more on your studies and avoid scrolling Facebook stories or Instagram posts then you can set this out on their app accordingly. Once done, Specs will now apprise you by showing a light at the corner of your vision or by sending audible prompts through a built-in sound system if in case it finds your focus rolling away.

Isn’t it Astonishing? You can even check your data records and keep track of how crucially you are utilizing your priceless time. Not only focus, but you can also listen to music or take calls through these advanced glasses. Your workouts can also be easily traced through pulse oximetry sensors, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Users can easily integrate it into their prescription glasses if they want to!

Except this, the device has a Long lasting battery i.e. you don’t have to charge every here and there plus if it gets discharged, a charging port is available to easily full on its battery. The glasses also include Image sensors, Microphones, Microprocessor, Bone conduction speakers, and Bluetooth LE to easily function all the succeeding features.

Basically, according to the founder of Autify -the company’s algorithms can define a total of 20 features: reading, writing, communication with others, listening to music, eating, machine workouts, yoga, cooking, watching TV, laptop or phone.

With all these many features, it is obvious that some privacy questions will arise in everyone’s mind like- What about security? Is it safe to use? The company has declared that these smart glasses never send photos or videos anywhere over the web and it’s machine learning will inspect visual on-device, after which they will be immediately scraped away.

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