Are we utilizing cloud computing or depending on it?

Cloud Computing has been one of the most talked-about things ever since it’s advent. The ease, flexibility, and access data anywhere feature make it something people cannot do without.

Is our dependency on Cloud Computing & Information Technology a little too much?

With pros, come cons. Cloud computing and information technology have their pros, but people are not able to identify their cons. People don’t realize the kind of access, authority, and information they are handing out to the small public cloud companies. There is a high amount of data and information risk involved in this.

Sensitive and highly confidential information pertaining to your company, business, or organization is all on the cloud. Are we not depending on cloud computing blindly? The recent Information Technology failures involving the most technologically advanced and competent companies to work for further nudge us on giving things a pause and making the right decisions. It was only last month when Google drive and Gmail reported an outage. The camera cloud platform of  Cannon could not recover and lost original videos and images. Adobe lightroom went on to erase individual photographers’ pictures, which resulted in the loss of data.

These incidents have brought to light the incompetency of cloud computing and information technology when it comes to maintaining backups of large amounts of data on servers. Even if we look at other on-premise solutions such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and many more which facilitate information technology, they have unintentionally created a limited competition in the market. Very few market players exist in Cloud computing, which makes it even riskier

Co-dependency of other tools on Cloud Computing

Popularly used tools that assist in plagiarism checks, grammar checks, and conversion of different forms of data went down with the entire Google Suite of tools outraging. This again proved how powerful and widely used tools were dependent and relied on a handful of third-party cloud computing platforms.

Need for a good backup service in cloud computing

People believe that no backup is needed when it comes to cloud computing, as there will never be any data loss. However, there have been a number of small group users who have ended up losing data. In such situations, cloud providers do not come forward to help if data is unrecoverable, as there is only so much that they can do. 

Generally, cloud computing platforms/companies do not take responsibility for data or information loss. This is stated in the user policy and terms and conditions as well.  The pain point for all of these cloud computing information technology providers is that they work on the very same application software. Any kind of upgrading issues etc can cause triggers at any point.

Recent failures and our extreme dependency on cloud providers have brought to light the fact that everything in information technology fails at some point or the other. There is a genuine need for backup services that exist outside of the third-party cloud providers.


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