Apple’s New Releases Mixed reality headset and AR glasses in upcoming years

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo announced the latest release of Mixed reality headsets by mid 2022 and smart contact AR glasses by 2025, giving rise to technology trend in the forthcoming years. However it is hearsay till now and the official series of dates will be announced later.

The helmets released by 2022 are expected to provide a better VR and AR experience while the contact lens rumored to be released by 2025 will be completely focused on AI applications. The product is likely to weigh 200-300 grams with a micro OLED display providing independent power and supply. Apple analyst kuo stated “The headset will provide immense experience by eliminating most of the technical problems with best AR experience”. 

The headset is designed with a sleeker display and lightweight material for comfortable use and the best experience. Two high resolutions of 8K display are used with camera features to detect the virtual objects, read smaller data, track movements, with a chip accelerated than the M1 processor.

Apple is expected to launch its own application on the Apple store peculiarly for headsets which provides a “3D environment experience” on video streaming, gaming, and interaction. 

In this era of advanced machinery and technological period, the augmented reality contact lenses released by Apple are exemplary. The AR smart contact glasses are of high-quality standards raising the bar by their “optical see-through experience” with invisible computing. The glasses are likely to overpower the Google glass with better features and more depth-based performance.

Apple’s design team is working for its latest development of technologies in full swing. With the best features, the AR/VR headsets can operate without an iPhone. The headsets can be integrated with other Apple devices such as Apple TV, Arcade, etc. In his recent note, Kuo states that ” there’s a positive view ” for the development of space technologies in the future.

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