Apple’s forthcoming AR/VR Glass may release in 2022

For the last decade, Apple has been filing several patents for wearable technologies. The new patent that the Cupertino giant has filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is Display System with Localized Optical Adjustments. The forthcoming Virtual Reality Headset might be a groundbreaking innovation from Apple after the iPhone. The experts have begun speculating that Apple Glass might follow the footsteps of Apple’s HomePod and Newton.

The first generation of Apple Glasses might not feature a sleek design; however, it could pack both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to entice Mixed Reality’s enthusiasts to the core. JP Morgan took it to iMore to reveal that Apple Glass might come with six cameras, support of 8K resolution, and an optical scanner, LiDAR, just like the latest iPhone 12. Further, JP Morgan has claimed that the glass might be quite similar to the VR Headsets from Oculus and HTC as far as the design is concerned.

Apple Glass could be an all-encompassing 3D digital VR Headset

A couple of 8K resolution displays into the headset would produce a crisp and visible picture quality than what other manufacturers are offering. Reports suggest Apple has been dedicatedly working on the tech, making use of eye-tracking to render the parts of the display through which the user is looking.

Users could make use of the AR/VR Glass for gaming, communicating, and watching downloaded or streaming videos. As Apple Glass will go head-to-head with Microsoft HoloLens, it could carry a price tag of around $3,500.

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