Apple Wins The Patent For Reconfigurable Keyboard

Apple wins the patent for a new dynamic keyword for Macbook devices that will change the display letters as per users’ needs. The patent states that the keyboard will generate dynamic labels using dynamically reconfigurable materials using organic LEDs with arrays of the pixel. The main material used for this will be polymers and crystalline materials such as sapphire. Moreover, the upper surface of the keys will include a coherent fibre bundle that overlaps the key display in that particular key.

In its statement, Apple provided real-life examples of how the reconfigurable dynamic keyboards will help the users

If the person wants to change from his first format language (English) to a Second format language (Eg. Greek), the user may switch the keyboard function. The control circuitry in the computer keyboard will alter the key labels from English letters to Greek letters in response. 

The Macintosh keyboard will also have applications in the gaming arena, where specific actions require the gamer to use only a particular number of keys. With the help of a reconfigurable keyboard system, gamers can blank-out the rest of the keys in order to display only the applicable keys, thus making it much hassle-free to play games.

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