Apple users can now be Stress relieved: AppleCare+ now covers 2 accidental damages each year

Image Source: Apple

It’s nothing to deny that if you need to show your class… you must have an iphone! They are the world’s most powerful device with a sorted and secured closed system and their operating system is completely handled by Apple- the most valuable tech company. The ones who are already using iphones already know what a great picture finish they get.

Speaking of iphones, just after the new launching of iphone 12 models there has been a great update in an Applecare+ protection plans. Which is- The yearly accidental damage coverage is now extended twice a year. Isn’t it a massive news? Subscribers who are availing the company’s insurance are now eligible get their apple devices repaired twice. Users with devices like iPhones, iPads, Mac, and Apple Watches can enjoy its boundless services.

Earlier, the protection plans only covered 2 incidents of accidental damage in 2 years which included cracked screens, any cracked back or what we all are fond of- the water damage.

If you are thinking to purchase a new Apple device, then this is the right time as you will be given a 1 year warranty with up to 90 days of technical support as an addition. Not only for the new one but also the old ones can now finally feel the peace with their phone services and damages. The company is proposing 24×7 retrieve to all the subscribers with technical support.

You can finally be worry-free even if you have any damage or problem on your phone as the protection plan also includes the battery service coverage.

What if it’s stolen or lost?

You can now avail the AppleCare Theft or Loss iphones for just at $149 across the board, which was earlier charged inconsistently depending on the model.

Any accidental damage coverage through AppleCare+ still rely on service fee like $29 is deductible for any type of screen damage , while for any other accidental damage such as water damage covers a $99 deductible. But, this doesn’t mean that you carelessly handle your phone as AppleCare+ is not giving a ‘free’ service.

Apple has also extended its sign up time for AppleCare+ coverage from 60 days to 1 year. These updates are already showing that the company is trying to reflect more tempting options for buyers.

To attain the more appropriate plans, you can visit the official website.

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