Apple Starts Providing Ads in the Search Tab of the App Store

As if we didn’t see enough ads on the App Store, Apple is now introducing them in the search tab also. Apparently, these ads are only for any app downloads you may be interested in. Seems like the company is trying to make more money out of the App Store.

So far, ads would appear in the App Store only when users would be searching for apps or looking forward to downloading them. However, now, as soon as you tap on the search icon, you’ll get some ad suggestions – without typing a single letter of what you’re actually searching for.

Is Apple Really Planning to do this for Good?

As of now, Apple is simply testing the new space for providing ads in the App Store. Surely, it is earning more than earlier out of this new scheme. After all, advertisers have got a new space to bid on.

Search ads have been active in the App Store since 2016. However, earlier this was restricted to the keywords the user would type. Now, you get them before you begin your search.

This step taken by the company has disappointed many users for obvious reasons. No one likes seeing ads popping up – whether it’s a search engine, a website or the App Store. It is in fact quite hypocritical of Apple to start ad suggestions on the search tab after commenting on tracking ads to be privacy invaders.

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