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The apple devices are known to perform top-notch and they are highly praised in terms of their performances. Even in 2020, when everything else got affected due to Corona virus, sales of Apple devices saw no halt and over 3.2 million estimate devices were sold. The much awaited Apple 12 pro and 12 were the best selling smartphones across the globe the past year. And so to upgrade their game and to secure the first place in the market, Apple is now modifying many of its devices to give the user’s the best if their experiences.

Modifications and New releases on the way

Just this past week, Apple released its newest update iOS 14.4.1 and iOS 14.5 which is now available to be downloaded is said to be having the coolest interface, however it might have bugs in its initial phases. This iOS update for the watch lets it unlock phone through it. Along with it, you are rewarded with 200 new emoticons. You also get to control your PS5 or choose the music provider. You can also just swipe the screen and add songs to your music playlist. Right now, the world is eagerly waiting for the new Apple 13 phone. People are speculating over the different possible sizes that it can come in. What the camera has to offer or what new design the phone comes in, all different guesses are being made. Even the new 9th gen iPad is expected to be released soon and that too, at  lesser price than its previous model.

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