Apple M1 Mac to Officially Support Linux Operating System

The Apple M1 range of laptops and desktops might start supporting version 5.13 of Linux kernel. Even in the past, people have tried running Ubuntu Linux on Appleā€™s hardware devices and managed doing so with a few hacks. However, now the M1 processor is going to officially support the Linux kernel 5.13.

When Can We Expect the Official Distribution of Linux Kernel on Apple M1 Devices?

Linux kernel 5.13 will be releasing on M1 devices some time by June 2021. Apple M1 processor is known for its battery efficiency and fast performance. Linux kernel will be distributing Ubuntu and Fedora on devices using this processor. These include the 2020 Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air powered by Apple Silicon.

This initial Apple M1 Linux port will be having the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter), SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing), SimpleFB-based Frame Buffer and DeviceTree for offering basic functionality.

A lot of new hardware devices of Apple run on the ARM processor. If you want the same features as the AMD or Intel processors in those devices, it may take extra effort. On the other hand, the M1 processor combined with Linux will provide the best of both.

Linux kernel is a free, open-source operating software that has some benefits for gamers and programmers. When used with Mac devices made of Silicon, you can get the best of both. You get a lightweight, flexible and secure system combined with a processor of a good speed.

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