Apple Gives Zoom Access To Its iPad Camera Through an API

You may or may not have noticed this, but if you’re attending Zoom meetings on your iPad, you can work on another app simultaneously on the same device. It means that you’ll be visible in your meeting to everyone while you might be referring to your notes or even secretly be doing something else! 

How Are You Able to Multitask When Using Zoom on iPad?

Here’s the thing – Zoom has access to an API (Application Programming Interface), that allows them to use your iPad’s camera. Of course, this usage is restricted to the time you’ve joined a meeting. When you do so, the app gets access to the device of your camera. So, if you wish to minimize and open another app for any reason, you’ll still be visible on video camera to other members of the meeting.

In other words, the API has allowed you to run Zoom on “split view”. This means that it can use your device camera even if you have minimized the app.

Has Apple Given Access to its Camera to Any Other App?

You’ll need an entitlement (permission or right) from Apple to gain such access, provided it considers you worthy of it. While most of these are public, this one is actually private. As mentioned by Jeremy Provost, it is called

Only FaceTime has access to your iPad’s camera apart from Zoom so far. Gaining access to this API might need you to send a request to Apple separately.

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