Apple At No.1 Spot After The Release Of M1 Mac Mini In Japan

The launch of M1 Mac Mini helped Apple shoot up to the top position in the Desktop Computer market in Japan. The popular company was right behind Lenovo and was fighting for the third spot. However, the release of M1 Mac Mini enabled Apple to elevate it’s market share to 27.1% from 15% in just two weeks. 

Apple had previously held a market share of 15% and was thus in the fourth position. It was taking over Lenovo Japan at this percent market share for the third spot. But the unveiling of M1 Apple Mac Mini increased the company’s market share, thus beating Fujitsu as well as NEC, to become the most popular brand in Japan’s desktop PC market. 

The hero that rocketed Apple to the top spot in Japan’s Desktop Computer market

The surge in the Apple computer sales was made possible by the M1 Mac Mini, which boasts of powerful performance and outstanding power efficiency. The Mac mini comes integrated with an M1 chip that is the first chip designed exclusively for Macintosh. M1 incorporates GPU, CPU, I/O, neural engine, and much more into a single SoC (system on a chip). The fast processing performance is delivered by its 8-core CPU. The GPU is the most advanced ever built, and the integrated graphics increases the graphic performance by 6 times. 

The other features that make this M1 Apple Mac Mini a steal are a 16-core neural engine, 256 GB SSD storage, unified memory, WiFi 6 (with a throughput of 1.2 Gb/s)- all contained in a compact frame of 7.7” square. 

M1 Apple Mac Mini is packed with features that are extremely useful for those working from home 

The noteworthy feature that makes M1 Mac Mini a popular device is its ports, expansions, and connections. The device has two USB 3.1 ports, two Thunderbolt 3, 3.5mm audio output, HDMI, and Gigabit Ethernet. The more pronounced pros of M1 Macintosh Mini that makes it a hit are its economical price and super-compact design. It also runs cool and offers a stellar performance. The versatility of the M1 Mac Mini makes it an efficient device; also not to forget that it can support two displays simultaneously. This includes a 6K display (through Thunderbolt) and a 4K display (through HDMI). However, before investing in it, you must know that there are no user-installable Ram, external GPU options, nor storage upgrades. Also, note that you will have to provide Mac Mini with display/s, keyboard, and mouse since the device does not come with these. 

All these superior features undoubtedly increased the market share and enabled Apple to catapult to the number one spot. The M1 Apple Mac Mini comes at $699. It was available for a discount price of $639 for the Cyber Monday sale.

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