An Amalgamation Of History And Video Games

(Image Source: Rockstar Games)

History has always been viewed as a boring subject, but how can a professor make history interesting? Combining history lessons with video games, this idea can only come out from the mind of a professor.

Red Dead Redemption is a big name in the gaming industry, a professor from the University of Tennessee, decided to combine his history lessons in the form of a game. This game works in a form of storytelling, Native American history.

Following Topics Are Covered While Playing The Game

The game outlines the theory of the Mexican Revolution, Racial violence in the southern states, Women’s rights in American history, the Colonisation of America, how women got their voting rights.

A few points will incorporate the “outskirts folklore,” “extension of imposing business model private enterprise and how railways expanded corporate force,” and “pioneer expansionism and the dispossession of Native people groups,” among many, numerous others.

There is a ton about the Red Dead Redemption establishment that sounds valid to the experience of genuine Americans during that period.

Western games aren’t regular in the gaming business, besides a couple of uncommon models. Two of the greatest Western games come from Rockstar Games, and its skilled designers reexamined an arcade-like shoot into something a lot more prominent.

The professor of this amazing idea took Twitter to compare his game with Red Dead Redemption 2, the game is inspired by the Red Dead series. The name of this game is  “HIUS 383: America’s Red Death”, and this history gaming series will launch in August 2021. The professor also pays regard to his inspiration Sir Jonathan, a historian who used to convey historical theories in a creative way.

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