Amazon DeepRacer Device Software Now Made Open Source

Image Source: AWS

Did you ever try experimenting more with your Amazon DeepRacer car? Well, your problem is now solved! On 27th April, AWS made the DeepRacer software open source.

We’ve had the cool DeepRacer car by Amazon Web Services in the market since November 2018. This device is more than just a little autonomous racing car. It introduces you to reinforcement learning (a branch of machine learning) by training models on the cloud-based simulator. 

What Do You Need to Know About the DeepRacer?

Created for developers, this device helps you get your hands on machine learning and take part in the world’s first global, autonomous racing league. You can build your own models on SageMaker, Amazon’s cloud machine learning platform. After training and testing them in the AWS DeepRacer 3D racing simulator, you’re ready to take part in the championship.

What Caused Amazon to Make the DeepRacer Software Open Source?

Before we get to the why, we’ll tell you how this was possible. The device is based on Ubuntu, an open source Linux software. The Robot Operating System is an open source robotics software that powers it. This is how AWS was able to make the DeepRacer code open source.

The vision behind this is to encourage developers to go beyond car racing and be able to use the DeepRacer for other things too. If you have basic skills in Linux coding, it is no big deal for you to discover a few.

The global DeepRacer community already has 6 sample projects that might help you with generating new ideas:

  • Follow the Leader: As the name says, you can train your model to follow an object.
  • Mapping: The concept involves creating a 3D map and integrating the application with your DeepRacer car to navigate its route.
  • Off Road: Here, you can create an app that helps the DeepRacer identify and navigate a path through QR code readings.
  • RoboCat: Taking a step beyond driving a robotic car, here we are using it to detect and scare away mice just like a cat. 
  • DeepBlaster: This is a toy blaster that fires balls. You set it up on your DeepRacer and turn it into a shooting car.
  • DeepDriver: Here, you make your car understand traffic signals and stop signs, making it drive in real-life traffic conditions.

If you have the Amazon DeepRacer car, you can come up with your own innovative ideas too. With the software made open source, you’re now free to explore and make more and more usage of your device.

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