Amazon Alexa To Now Leverage Teachable Artificial Intelligence

Amazon rolled out a new feature, wherein users can instruct Alexa about their preferences. This is in contrast to scenarios where users have to manually set their preferences on the app or rephrase the command in fit to the voice assistant’s knowledge. This latest feature is known as teachable AI and lets Amazon Alexa ask follow-up questions to users in real-time in case the device does not understand their order or command.

Teachable AI allows users to program definitions with their voice in real-time into Amazon Alexa

Teachable Artificial Intelligence identifies whether a request/command by the user can activate a teachable moment using machine learning. If it is a trigger, then Alexa will ask the user for information that will aid in its learning.

For instance, if users tell Alexa to set the room lights to study mode, and if the device does not know the reference, it detects a trigger for a teachable moment. The voice assistant will then tell the user that it does not know what the study mode is and requests the user to tell what it is. Based on the information the customer now gives it (example reading setting to 40% brightness), Alexa will now store the data. If the user makes a similar request in the future, the device will now reply with the learned action.

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