All you need to know about the Google Pixel 5 android launch

After the launch of Google Pixel 4a last month, the buzz around the launch of Google Pixel 5 has been gaining momentum. News is that telecom carrier Vodafone is all set to launch it in Germany around the 25th of September. However for now there is no validation to these news sources.

The price tag attached to Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is rumored to be priced nearly 100$ cheaper than its previous Android installation Google Pixel 4. This has got all the awaiting customers even the more excited for the launch. It is said to be priced at $629. If this is true, customers would be able to avail of the latest Google Pixel model with additional features at the same cost as the original Google Pixel in other markets.

Features of Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5’s specs leaks reveal that it would be supporting the following features:

  1. 8GB RAM and 128 GB storage
  2. 5.8 inches Android screen size
  3. 4,000 mAh battery pack
  4. Qualcomm snapdragon 765G processor.
  5. Black and Green color variants
  6. Superfast 5G Android mobile data support 

However, with the prices going down, google aims at ripping off a lot of cool features. It is rumored that the snapdragon chipset version aimed at being used might see lower version substitutes. The gesture control features also seem to be dropped off the table for now.

Launch, availability, and varieties up for stake- Google pixel 5

Two subset versions are being targeted for the launch. Google Pixel 5 will be restricted to sub-6Ghz. 5G connectivity, whereas Google Pixel 5s, will be catering to mmWave connectivity. The leaked pictures show no difference in hardware except the mmWave connectivity feature. The two will differ in price by $100. Google Pixel 5s will be priced at $799 apparently. Google Pixel 5 will first be made available in Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, The United States, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and a few more countries.

However, none of this will be of any benefit to the Indian users anytime soon. Google has announced that it does not intend to launch either Google Pixel 4a 5G or Google Pixel 5 anytime soon in India. In fact, it will only be in October later this year that Google will launch the 4a 4G version in India. However, it is clear that it won’t be too long before Google Pixel 5 handsets hit the global market.

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