All that You Need to Know about the Google Activity Dashboard

When you use google and its services like its apps for example, your activity in the form of the data gets stored in the My Activity in one’s Google account. And because it gets stored in one’s google account, you can access this data at any moment. You can even delete this activity in the My activity as well or like make changes to it whenever you desire.

The data that has been stored also includes the information on who has viewed the Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings etc. Using this same data, file editors can also make informed decisions. However, only that activity saved in your google account can be viewed.

How Google activity dashboard works

As already mentioned before, Google Activity dashboard is the place where you get access to viewing and managing your activities like seeing your searches, the websites that you have visited, the images you have downloaded or even the videos that have been watched by you.

All this activity that you do, it gets saved to your google account in form of data. So by using the same data that has been stored, Google tries to improve and make your experience better and faster with it.

So if you are logged into your google account and you are using its services, then most of your activity has been saved into your account in forms of data. So using it, one can control their file-viewing information.

How to find or view your activity in your google account

In simplest terms, your most recent activity will be shown at top. And the previous activities will be below the most recent ones.

  •  To be able to find your activity, you just need to open you device and open the settings.
  • Then you need to tap on the manage google account and select the Data and Personalization option.
  • Then choose the “Activity and timeline” and select My Activity.
  • Then you can simply go through your activity which has been organized by day and time. You can even use search bar at top and use filters to be able to find any specific activity that you want to.

However, if you wish to stop saving activity to your account or delete it, you even have the choice to do that. To just stop saving it, again you need to follow the same steps described above, only this time, you need to select the Activity Controls and tap on the ‘Manage your Activity Controls’. You can then easily turn off the activity if you do not wish to save it anymore.

If you wish to delete that activity, you need to open site and open the menu option listed there. Then you just need to tap on delete activity and below it, choose the All time. Then simply, tap on next and delete it. You can even use the option given to set up an automatic deletion option for your older activities.

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