AI Dungeon Maker Raises $3.3M to Build Infinite Possibilities

Latitude is a new start up that has forayed into the gaming industry. The company is developing the next generation games with the help of AI. And now, we hear that the company is raising $3.3 million as seed funding for their game, AI Dungeon. The game comes with an infinite storyline so that you never get bored.

What is Infinite Gaming?

We have all played games like GTA, Cyberpunk and Watchdogs – only to complete their storyline and then hardly play those games again. Well, gone are those days. Latitude has launched their game that has infinite story possibilities to keep you engaged.

How Does it Work?

Now, you must be wondering how such an AI-based game will work in real life. This game can respond to any command put in by the player. For example, you are playing a battle game and your character is running into battle. You type “Get Depressed” and the character stops and sits on a rock with his head between his hands. This leads to endless probabilities and outcomes to the game.

How Does the AI Know What is a Good Story?

Artificial intelligence is a quick learner. This AI reads a lot of good stories. This gives it the ability to make its own storyline which the player can play in. The possibilities are endless with this game and every player can have a different storyline.

What started as a hackathon project is now being developed as a full-fledged game which could pave the way for future games to come.

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