AI and its Role in Automotive Industry

These days, one of the most popular technologies that is being widely used across the world and across every other field is Artificial Intelligence (AI). And Automotive industry is no stranger to the use of this technology to ensure safer driving behaviours in people.

Artificial intelligence is being used in every field of automotive industry and so it has become the face of the future as well. Right from the design, to the idea production to the supply chain and the final production of cars and even following it, Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated in every step in the automotive industry. 

Today, the automotive industry is combing two technologies, AI and fleet management for bringing in safety advancements for itself. The cars are being manufactured in such a way that they come equipped with collision-avoidance sensors, driver assisting technology, automotive cameras loaded with AI that can sense driver’s lack of attention on roads. Artificial intelligence is being highly used like in the self driving cars where the car is connected to multiple sensors. Those censors then collect the inputs in form of data from the Google street view technology and the cameras that captures the video inside the car. Artificial Intelligence also uses the face detection technology and make sure that the driver’s attention is not being diverted from the road and that safe driving is ensured. Automotive industry that has now incorporated use of Artificial Intelligence in hardware and software management has powered up  the cars and has ensured more of safe driver’s behavior.

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