New Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Developed For Robot Hands

Researchers from the University of Warwick have generated AI algorithms that facilitate a robot to execute dexterous tasks. The basic dexterous functions, which are easy for humans, are tough for the robots to perform. However, Artificial Intelligence algorithms produced by these researchers from WMG enable robotic hands to accomplish them seamlessly. 

The Artificial Algorithm allows the robot hand to coordinate movements of the fingers 

Developed by Shadow Robot Company, the dexterous hands can reproduce the functionalities of a human hand with great ease. These robotic hands are capable of learning to coordinate movements on their own and carry out tasks of varying complexities. The AI algorithm is the brainchild of Dr. Henry Charlesworth and Professor Giovanni Montana. The research is concluded in their paper which aims to solve challenging dexterous manipulation tasks through reinforcement learning and trajectory optimization. The proposed algorithm is also termed as ‘brain’. 

The Robotic hand has a vast scope, benefiting areas from various fields

The Shadow Robot hand can have a plethora of applications that require versatility and precision. These include surgeries, manufacturing activities, and assembly lines. Furthermore, this groundbreaking algorithm can aid in decreasing the risk of exposure to humans who work in dangerous environments.

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