Agence- A fascinating and interactive film created by blending of AI and VR

Image Source: Agence

Nothing to hide about but we all were aware of the fact that our future is going to be completely depend on Technology which involves the blend of techniques, skills, methods, and processes to make human life easy, such as scientific investigation. It’s right to say that the future is definitely here! Technology has become as a reliving part of our daily lives that we can’t image what life would be without it. As more and more advances are introduced on an apparently daily basis, so if we peep in the future once, it seems like the society will be only going to be more dependent on technology than now. Taking this in a positive direction, technology has certainly given us number of benefits, we could ever imagined of. We have already entered the next phase of technology development- convergence. Speaking of which, comes the remarkable whisk of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

This pandemic, the sum of AI and VR has really surprised us all by bringing its creative ideas and inventions back to back.

This time the one of the biggest events in the industry calendar- The annual Venice International Film that includes the virtual reality (VR) element has brought with the 360 degree films. In case you didn’t get a chance to watch any of such interactive VR film, then the most loved by all is now available to see as many times as you want which is a short engaging piece called Agence- the dynamic film.

A mixed bag of films and collective content it is one of the best examples of its popularity and also the XR industry offers the outlining range of ideas.

The film is a mix of virtual reality, gaming, and cinematic storytelling so that the audiences could control a handful of the unrolled, three-legged AI creatures, also termed as agents.

This project is coproduced by Transitional Forms and the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada.

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