Activate your Vanish mode to fade away all your secrets!

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Facebook, the very powerful platform gives people an opportunity to connect with their friends, family and also to grow business. Now, that the Facebook is connected to WhatsApp and Instagram, it is continuously coming up with new updates for these platforms. This time the upgrade is about the ‘Vanish Mode’ for Instagram or Facebook app.

Switch on the vanish mode and delete your secret chats

The Messenger app and Instagram app finally has the Vanish Mode of conversation. While switching on this mode, all the text chats, pictures, emoji, stickers, voice messages and GIFs that are shared on the chat app will automatically be deleted, same like Snapchat but the big difference is that the Vanish mode is not the default feature of chats, the users will have to activate it before to use this feature.

Facebook Newly launched a feature-Vanish mode for messender and instagram

On soon as your switch on this latest feature of Vanish mode, the users can share the content with others and it will be automatically deleted on its own.

The screenshot factor

There is also an astonishing thing about this Vanish mode that in case if any user tries to take a screenshot of your chat, you will be notified immediately with an alert. This is again, the feature of Snapchat.

Also, if any user reports any chat, then all the messages, images or gifs shared will be available just for an hour so that the Facebook and Instagram could inspect.

If in case someone with Vanish mode on ends his/her chat with someone then all the chat will automatically be disappeared once seen and the chat window is closed.

Vanish Mode- Inspired by Snapchat

While the Vanish mode is an Option to choose for Instagram and Messenger, Snapchat has the feature of fading chats or messages by default. You just need to activate the Vanish mode and then start with the texting if you want to experience its features.

For now, the Vanish mode, inspired by Snapchat will only be working for single chats, not group chats.

It is being set that for one-to-one chat, either person can turn on or off the disappearing messages. While for groups, the admins will have the access for this new feature.

On enabling, all the new messages sent in the individual or group chat will get disappeared after seven days.

At the starting, Vanish Mode on Facebook messenger will be unfolded in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Peru and Bangladesh; while for Instagram, the Vanish Mode will be rolled out in Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru and some other countries.

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