A massive blunder out after 3 months: Apple security system

Image Source: Sam Curry

Hackers!! The term that scares us all. Have you ever imagined that hackers can be of some use too if taken in a positive direction? Well, who would have?

Here’s the story for today.

The team of 5 hackers- Brett Buerhaus, Ben Sadeghipour, Samuel Erb, Tanner Barnes and Sam Curry worked as a joint venture on a hacking project. The hackers, with specialty in web security found a total of 55 vulnerabilities out of which 11 were quite dicey while 29 were overhead. A very young researcher almost 20yr old, Sam Curry rated these 11 severity as critical because the team of 5 were easily able to access core Apple infrastructure and thereby steal private emails, iCloud data, and other secretive data. They were also able to take control of the Cupertino, California-based company’s source code repository that could have been used for threatening lots of iOS and macOS application users.

Curry said that this could have used by the attackers for leaking the data at a massive scales after few hours of posting his write- up on hacking Apple for 3 months. One of the leak was so critical that some people were able to see malicious characters on the web portals of iCloud and Mac. The recipient just needs to open the email and within a blink its hacked. This happened as a Javascript parser was embedded at the servers of iCloud.com. This worm floated from one user to another by just viewing the mischievous emails.  

It was performed under the Apple’s bug-bounty program. According to Curry, Apple paid them a total of $51,500 in swapping of the personal reports associated with four vulnerabilities. He received an email from Apple that he is going to get an additional payment of about $237,000 for the rest 28 vulnerabilities. In return of which he replied with a shock of getting paid so high. Curry is expecting more than $500,000 total payout once Apple clears all the reports. After Curry reported them over a 3- month span, Apple swiftly fixed the insecure system.

What matters the most is that all the bugs that were discovered by the hackers have been fixed and re-tested now.

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