5G Network to Advance to a New Level with Enhanced Ceramics

Before reaching out to the entire world, the new 5G network is still looking forward to better advancement. If you’re already a 5G user, then you’re about to get something better. Improved ceramic materials will be used to make antennas that will provide way higher frequency transmissions.

What is the Current Status of 5G Network?

Currently, 5G is available in a few developed countries, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE and Spain to name a few. Even in these countries, very specific locations are using 5G at the moment. Here’s how it works:

The fifth generation cellular network works in a decentralized manner. In technical terms, it uses Minimum Input Minimum Output (MIMO) technology.

Instead of having a central station, there are small cell stations at multiple points that transmit millimetre waves. Millimetre waves are supposed to be the fastest, providing a speed of 1.8 G bits per second.

Since 5G works at shorter distances, the frequency is much higher. This ranges between 30-300 GHz, providing 50 times greater speed than 4G. It is capable of carrying 1000 times more data as compared to 4G.

What Role Does Ceramics Have to Play in 5G Network?

Ceramic materials are said to have insulation properties, temperature stabilities and low dissipation loss. They’re made of yttrium iron garnet, which enable the data to flow in one direction. Hence, the frequency with which the waves are transferred from the transmitter to receiver through the same antenna is way higher. This is what many wireless technologies are already using ceramics for.

Now, the material yttrium is being replaced by bismuth to provide an even higher frequency transmission by 5G technology. This advanced ceramic material is being used to make circulators, which are smaller in size and hence more efficient.

How will 5G Network Change Your Life?

When you’ll have 5G, the speed at which you communicate, download files, transfer data or stream online will be a lot faster and real-time. Currently, we do face problems like call drops and buffering. A lot of times, we do not receive communication in real-time – a message might take 10 seconds to reach you.

All of this will drop drastically. The speed of 5G network is supposed to be 1-10 Gbps, the latency being 1-4 milliseconds only. This means that your file downloads will be instant, your messages will reach in real-time and buffering will be way faster when you’re streaming an online video.

To be precise, the key benefits that 5G will provide you include:

  • Faster online data transfer
  • Lower buffering during online video streaming
  • Smoother communication in messaging, voice calls and video calls

Currently, 5G is the new hype the world has been talking about. While few of us have the privilege to use it already, developments are still taking place to make it the fastest network that you can ever have. In other words, it is yet to make a breakthrough in all of our lives.

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