3D Printed Drone: Designing, Benefits and Applications

Drones are specially designed aerial vehicles without a human pilot on board. With the increased use of drones in various sectors namely agriculture, security, military, the drones are designed to easily capture data or visual creations with single clicks and easy onboard computer controls.

Why use 3d printing then? Well, with the help of 3d printing techniques the drones can be personalized and more appealing. The upgrade process is easy and saves time. Many companies are switching to 3d printing for advanced manufacturing with improved performance to provide more flexibility and lower testing costs.

Designing of 3d printed Drone

The manufacturing of 3d printed drones is quite easy. Additive manufacturing has made great progress in designing 3d printed drones. 

The development of drones using 3d printing is much faster and easy to assemble. Companies such as blue robotics introduced their drone called ‘SRV-8 Underwater drone with simple analysis and rapid development.

According to the reports of Svarmi, the company stated that with the use of 3d printing, the deployment time is reduced to 40 percent.

Benefits of 3d printed drones

It is your drone, period. The design of your drone completely depends upon the selection of your components and the addition of functional and nonfunctional components according to your requirement. Finding the fittest components for your drone increases the benefits with reduced risks. The best way to ensure if your drone is safe enough and gives more profit is to measure the thickness. Designing a thick weight allows the drone to be in a stable condition even after its first crash.

Educational purposes

Besides, the growth of these UAVs in other sectors, 3d printed drones are also significantly giving their contribution to the education sector as well. Conceptual learning and practical sessions allow the students to understand the components and help in designing their own drones.

To facilitate the designing of drones, companies like Bonadrone provide free tool kits to the students to learn everything from scratch. There are many free online websites as well for the students to understand and develop the 3d printed drone at home with feasible electronic components.

3D printed drones for security purposes

Designed by Yuki and Ryo the quadcopter drone was introduced for saving lives during emergency situations. These emergency drones find the victims in dangerous zones, provide assistance and solutions in life dangering situations. 

In scenarios such as dangerous landing, pilot assistance, detection of bathers, risks underwater, and extreme weather conditions the Auxdron lifeguard drones are used to detect and monitor various safety issues.

3d printed drones for earth observation

The traditional use of drones is costly and slow in providing the right assistance. As discussed earlier the 3d printing technique allows in self-customized drones with more scope of scalability and efficiency. 

Svarmi, a company based in Ireland that provides the best services in the development of 3d printed drones, introduced a special drone for remote sensing and observing the state of the earth.

Developed by the team of specialized engineers, architects, and researchers at Svarmi, the drone is up to the mark according to the client’s requirements and allows customization according to the customer’s needs.

Blue robotics 3d printed drones

Underwater drones are hardly seen. The CEO Rusty Jehangir of Blue robotics company introduced their newest invention of underwater drones, kickstarting the development of 3d printing drones in marine environments too.

The reports according to the company state that the innovation in marine robotics is quite limited due to expensive and allotted mechanics for development. Hence they introduced the 3d printer underwater drones to send a GPS-guided solar-powered robotic boat from Los Angeles to Hawaii, which is quick to customize, inexpensive, and lightweight for the journey.


Online deliveries are evolving like none other. The increase in good delivery and online services, in person deliveries are comparatively time taking and more expensive with less wages to the delivery individuals, With the recent development of 3d printed drones, the delivery is more convenient. The Cargocopter drones can deliver goods up to 5 kgs at the speed of 150 km/hr and are very effective for long distance transport.

3D printed drones for capturing Professional Images 

Capturing professional images for tv endorsements, serials and TV shows is quite essential. To ensure stable photography and capture high quality images, The Hexadrone company, based in France introduced drones, which are manufactured using plastic materials, lightweight, and resistant to complex problems as well.

3D printing of drones has increased the manufacturing of drones and gave rise to many industrial developments. Choosing the right components and subsequent 3d design helps to take the product to another level of development and thus giving the best results in every sector. The 3d printing sector has enabled access to numerous sectors, even which are out of reach for human beings. 

The 3d printing techniques are allowing the drones to be more cost-effective and accessible with low expenses and customization, giving rise to the development of drones in the global market.

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