3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Cloud Telephony Service

Have you wondered how the free calls you make to Uber or Swiggy really work? The answer is cloud telephony service. Most businesses use this instead of a traditional phone number to talk to their clients. It is an ideal solution for call centres, customer care services and online service providers.

What Do You Exactly Mean by a Cloud Telephony Service?

To put it simply, a cloud telephony service involves telecommunications taking place over the cloud instead of a network. A third-party service provider enables the voice communication that takes place between the organization and the customer.

Not only does it enable you to receive calls from customers, it also helps you send out payment reminders and OTP services. Yes, all of these communications are taking place over cloud. That’s how you get to make free calls to a service provider and at the same time protect the privacy of your number.

How Would Cloud Telephony Benefit You as an Organization?

If you’re a B2C organization, then cloud telephony should be something you use to talk to your customers rather than a regular phone number. Here’s how it is going to be more helpful:

It’s Easier to Set-Up Than a Regular Call Centre

A call centre usually needs plenty of telephone devices and people who are available to talk to customers. On the other hand, a cloud telephony system only requires you to have a computer, internet connection and of course a good cloud telephony service provider.

It’s Very Easy to Use and Maintain

You don’t need any IT team to manage your cloud telecommunication system. All calls are recorded by default and you get a detailed report for them too. With the click of a mouse, you can even add/subtract the number of agents depending on your requirements.

It Financially Benefits You and Your Customers

While the customer is obviously not paying to call you on a toll-free number, you are saving around 65% of your phone bill by using a cloud telephony service. Yes, that’s because you can avoid stuff like restricted calling minutes, maintenance contracts and business SMS services. Needless to say that you’re saving up on your infrastructure costs and human resources too.

Would You Like to Get a Cloud Telephony Service?

As an organization who wants to serve its customers well, getting cloud telephony from a good service provider is a smart decision. It has proven to be beneficial for the organization in terms of cost savings, convenience and providing better customer service. Wouldn’t you want that for your organization too?

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