10 best VR headsets for vrchat to buy in 2021

Virtual reality allows the user to experience similar or completely different aspects compared to the real world. With increasing innovation in the field of AI, VR is a complete testament to experience real-world gaming. From watching 3D movies to communicating with friends, VR headsets offer comfort and clear ergonomic performances.

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2 with enhanced performance is a standalone VR headset, unlike other headsets, it is completely wireless, has redesigned controllers and cinematic 3D positional sound.

Quest 2 comes with an easy setup and impressive resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset, and easy controls. Now connect your PC VR headsets and experience the inspiring fast processor with comfortable elite strap bands and charging cable kit.

HTC Vive Cosmos

Not just visual immersion, The Vive Cosmos is considered a high-end PC VR headset with high-quality graphics and 6 pre-installed cameras. The headset has a self-tracking system with potential upgrade options and 360-degree tracking.

However the Cosmos users frequent complaints regarding low light performance and complex software is quite concerning, also adding the performance of reorientation speed the Vive strap is made up of Deluxe audio allowing users to experience robust and enjoyable gaming.

Google Cardboard

Powered by Google, the VR headset offers SDKs to experience our own personalized set. With awesome lenses and a low-cost budget, the Google Cardboard is cheaper than any other VR headset.

Experience virtual reality on your smartphone by customizing one cardboard for you or buying the readymade version that fits you perfectly. Explore a variety of applications available on the play store to unleash the real power, play immersive games, and more. 

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR is designed with the best intentions to offer comfort, natural controls, and a built-in gyro sensor. Engineered with comfortable straps, if you want to enjoy long hours of gaming sessions, the Gear VR headset has complete coverage for you.

The range of games, apps and other features provided in Samsung VR headsets are 1000+ with easy touchpad, volume, back, home key, and trigger for easier actions.

Homido VR headsets for Android and iPhone users

Homido offers universal compatibility with a huge range of VR apps already installed for Android and iPhone users, with a virtual world experience through your smartphone.

The VR headset is completely lightweight and wireless with an easily adjustable touchpad, FOV up to 100 degrees, 3 sighted glass wearers, and a well-crafted design to please every user in its own unique way. 

Sony Playstation VR

The Sony VR Headset has powerful gaming control with incredible performance, a 360-degree full immersion, an exclusive range of unlimited games, 3D audio, and built-in mic features.

The only thing you need is a powerful laptop or PS5 console to experience the best version of the virtual world. The precision tracking and Dualshock 4 controllers in PSVR enhance the immersion of users.

HP Reverb G2

With no option for compromise, the HP Reverb VR Headset developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Valve has the most comfortable and compatible experience than any other VR headsets.

The VR Headsets has 2 motion controllers with a mini Display-Port adapter and a 6mm headset cable for desktop and mobile connection. The four camera focus and internal sensors feature the best immersion with a breakthrough gaming experience.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

The Windows Headset is designed with the ability to interact in minutes with users, greater flexibility, and quicker responses. The 6 degrees of freedom(6DoF) and spatial audio features physical and virtual immersion to the users.

With minimal technical specifications, the users can experience real-world freedom without external sensors and easy to adjust multiple applications by juggling between different activities.

Google Daydream View

Simple, high-quality Virtual reality headsets powered by Google are easy to use with the user’s choice in mind. The Daydream headset is completely standalone that understands the movement without external sensors.

The 3D VR wireless headsets can be used anywhere without connection to any mobile device, PC, or cables. Designed with a soft, lightweight fabric headset that has expressive controls with easy access and live streaming experiences.

Samsung Odyssey

The Odyssey Mixed reality headset designed AMOLED display and access to windows Mr store and streamed libraries is a complete package with unlimited access to thousands of games and VR applications.

The premium quality headsets are manufactured with AKG headphones technology, adjustable headbands, and lighter materials, concentrated backlight up to 4X speed, and precision controller tracking.

People are going crazy with advanced technologies and experiencing a virtual world of their own. The nitpicky details with streamlined interfaces and exciting hardware appeals offer a gaming experience at high resolution and compatibility. With this, you can choose the Best VR headsets for VR chat to unleash the real awe-inspiring experience features based on your personal preference and design specifications of different VR headsets.

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